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Physical Exam and Assessments


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Exams include assessment of your pet’s primary systems: ears, eyes, mouth, teeth and gums, nose, heart, lungs, muscle tone, weight, and skin and coat. These exams present an opportunity for you to meet with the veterinarian and discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health.



Infection and parasites are a concern for all of our animal companions. Regular checkups and cleanings can prevent problems from worsening if detected early or even from occurring at all.


Routine eye exams may reveal infection, glaucoma, cataracts or high blood pressure.

Oral Exam

This includes the teeth and gums, the tongue and the palate. A dental care plan should be in place for the life of your pet.

Internal Organ Exam

The veterinarian will listen to your companion’s heart and lungs. Damage to your pets organs cannot be reversed but early detection can allow us to slow or prevent the progression of disease. If your pet is intact, an exam of the reproductive system will be done to check for masses, swelling, pain or discharge.

External Organ Exam

Skin, coat and weight give us an indication of your pet’s overall health. A thorough exam will allow us to make recommendations for diet, supplements and exercise.

Lab Tests

Regular blood work is done to monitor for signs of various disorders including kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes. As with the heart and lungs, early detection and treatment can increase the quality and length of your pet’s life.


Vaccinations that prevent common diseases should be given in conjunction with an examination. We will create a vaccination plan that meets your pet’s specific needs.